A competitor analysis using SWOT

1. Choose a business from the options provided (refer to Moodle > Assessment section).

2. For your chosen business perform an environmental analysis including:

– Current business activities from your analysis of the website and existing value proposition(s) – Analysis of the website tools and features

– marketing, branding and content; and visual features such as graphics, animation, text.

– Current business model(s) (if any) and any sources of revenue generation.

– A SWOT analysis (of your organisation)

– A competitor analysis using SWOT (for at least two of your competitors

– Develop an e-commerce presence map detailing the platforms and activities.

– Perform an analysis of the 8 unique features of e-commerce technology and the evidence of these features in the current state of the business.

3. Recommend and justify a plan to support:

– Strategies to drive the success of your business

– traditional and online marketing, social ecommerce, mobile marketing, email marketing, branding activities.

– Suitable website features, tools and/or functions that the website can adopt. Referencing References made in the plan need to be made according to Harvard Referencing method.

Students are expected to maintain an appropriate standard in writing their plan. It should be checked for spelling, consistency, and clarity of expressions.

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