Prepare a Power Point presentation on ATM Machine invention which has changed or affected the world in general or your world or community.


You must include:


some historical information about your selection (who, what, where, when, why) why YOU think your selection changed the world Referencing for all sources: since this is a researched presentation, you will have to cite your sources in APA format and the references in last slide. You must have 7 content slides, and the presentation should be 4-6 minutes long. Add pictures that talks the topic . One of your slides should refer to your primary source (information you have gathered during the interview) (Which is attached) You must demonstrate a high level of understanding of the topic and guide the audience through your presentation highlighting key points and adding details where necessary. Please add notes below power point that what have to say….

Using the internet, find a news article which discusses an act / acts of corporate misconduct on the part of a Director, Senior Executive or Manager of a corporation


.  This article must not be more than five years old.  You are not restricted to a Canadian corporation. Your article can be from anywhere in the world.



Using this article, prepare your assignment as indicated below. It is a mandatory requirement that your assignment is divided into the sections indicated below.


PART A:   5 marks

In this part, based upon general research (do not refer to your article at this stage), in the context of Corporate law, explain what a fiduciary duty is and clearly show why it is important that Directors, Executives and Senior Managers comply with their fiduciary duty. You may refer to general examples of corporate misconduct to illustrate your points but do not refer to your chosen….

Fireman Marc Marc is an Australian resident for tax purposes. He is 39 years of age, single and is employed as a fireman. Marc received the following amounts during the year ending 30 June 2016:

CASE STUDY 1 (35 Marks)



(i)      Salary from his employer: $48,000.

(ii)       15 Days annual leave owing to her which had accrued since May 2014:


An annual allowance of $1,000 towards travel expenses. Compensation payments due to injuries sustained in an industrial accident as follows: Workers compensation: $1,000 × 5 weeks $5,000 Compensation for loss of his right hand: $35,000 Social security disability support pension: 7 weeks $1,000 Interest from the Bank of America Term Deposit Account held in America: $850. This amount is after 15% tax has been withheld by the Bank of

(vi)      Cash: $500 and an expensive bottle of Whisky from his co-workers as a get well gesture.


During the year his employer has deducted $11,500 in PAYG withholdings from his….

Manufacturing Simulation – Air Motor -You are to make operational assumptions for your simulation to simplify its construction. Your priority should be to create a simple simulation that gives credible results, to gain higher grades look to add elements to the simulation to expand and refine it

Assignment 2   Manufacturing Simulation – Air Motor

Aim:  The aim of the assignment is to use specific operations software to simulate a Manufacturing environment whilst appreciating the role of Operation Management.  A written technical report will show the creation of the simulation and operational decisions taken by you prior to starting the simulation.  The report will contain liberal illustrations/screen shots of elements of your simulation.

Further research is expected to focus on the wider application and significance of Operations Management Techniques.  This assignment will address the following learning outcomes:

Learning Outcomes:

Describe and illustrate the scope, context and significance of the role of operations management Describe and illustrate the scope, context and significance of manufacturing Explain, justify and apply specific operations management techniques Apply both general and….

Explain nomenclature of halon and freon systems (use examples of Halon 1301 and Freon CFC 113). Discuss environmental impacts of halons and reasons for halon replacement in fire protection engineering industry under the Montreal

Part 1 (40%)

You are involved in design of an Engineering Innovation Centre for the University of Central

Lancashire (UCLan), EIC, []. Construction of the EIC, seven-story building, will start in January 2017 and it is planned to open this building in the academic year 2018/19. It is designed as low carbon emissions building. Evaluate possible building construction methods to achieve Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating at least “Good”. Compare what is required for “Good” and “Excellent” ratings.


Describe strategies of design for fire safety, taking into consideration environmental and economic constraints on the building.


Make formal conclusion and recommendations for development of sustainable construction nationally and internationally.

Part 2 (20%)


Analyse a case study of fire in the built environment in….

RCM Methodology: Developing a preventive maintenance program involves following various processes. You need to understand the objectives of the processes and gain experience with applying them.

Assignment 1: MRA Process and its design


This will allow you to determine how to approach a specific requirement for the review or development of a maintenance program.


Key Questions

What are the processes that can be employed in developing a logical approach to preventive maintenance program development for a particular situation? What are the most effective ways to define system behaviour so that the failuremodes worth considering can be identified? What logic should be applied to arrive at an effective and efficient preventive maintenance program?


Associated subject learning outcomes

The subject learning outcomes that are relevant to this assignment include:


Demonstrate an understanding of the available theory in the area of maintenance requirements Apply appropriate theory to the problem of maintenance requirements



Give an outline of the differences between allergies and auto-immune

Task 1

In the form of separate written responses, answer the following questions: a)

Explain how the body’s natural defence mechanisms prevent pathogenic organisms gaining entry to the If the above mechanisms are breached, explain how the next level of defence prevents these pathogens spreading into the body If pathogens invade the blood and tissues of the body, what are the roles of the cells involved in the immune response which fight infections?

800 words (A.C. 6.1).

Highlight some of the specific features of cells within the primary and secondary defence mechanisms which enable them to carry out their roles, then explain the roles of the cell organelles using the production of antibodies as an 300 words (A.C. 1.1) Using the immune system and blood cells as an….

Investfund Pty Ltd: Advise Nigel on What he might have done to try and reduce this liability if Nigel had consulted you before negotiating and signing his contract


Nigel is an adult individual taxpayer entity and a grand prix race driver who lives outside of Australia in the Cook Islands. He is contracted to General Motors Holden (Australia) Ltd to race in 10 Grand Prix races held each year at locations throughout the world, which includes one race in Australia. He derives income of $1million per annum for his services. Nigel’s contract was negotiated and signed in Sydney by an agent acting on Nigel’s behalf. Payment is made in monthly instalments by electronic transfer from Australia directly into an account held by Nigel in the Cook Islands. During the income year ended 30 June 2017, Nigel raced in the Australasian Grand Prix held in Darwin. The Commissioner of Taxation has sought to tax Nigel on….