Read through the ‘Time to Face the Music’ article and think about how you would plan, deliver and close a small music festival in the UK, in the summer

Decide how you will work as a team to complete assignment to a good standard and submit it on time.


Section 1 (30%)

Explain how breakdown structures are used to understand and illustrate the scope of a project and describe how scope management and change control processes are used to avoid scope creep. Create a WBS with 20-30 work packages which outlines the activities involved in planning the festival throughout each of the lifecycle stages. (Use Word, Visio, PowerPoint or similar app to do this and include it in your report.)

Section 2 (30%)

Explain how a network diagram and the Critical Path method are used to understand and illustrate the logical sequence of events during a project. Include a description of three different estimating….

Compare and contrast the sustainability theories presented in the readings identifying their key components. What are the key principles of sustainability which have influenced contemporary UK planning?

Two theories to compare and contrast are: Diversity and community within the twenty-first century and Cities’ contribution to global warming. Please, Can you write out the assignment according to the assignment brief that I will upload.

Please, Can the references be London base books. Thank you

Case Study: Performance Management at Steel Co : Evaluate the current Performance Management Systems (PMS) and propose a new system that could improve the firm’s performance’

Steel Co. is a small manufacturing company that is run by an owner-manager and employs around 65 people, mainly male, full-time, permanent, unskilled or semi-skilled workers. The firm has been established for approximately 30 years – many of the current employees having long periods of service – and has, in this time, had mixed performance. In recent years, however, in the face of increased competition and difficult trading conditions, financial performance has been poor and little profit has been made. This situation has meant that the owner-manager has imposed a pay freeze for the last three years and the overall terms and conditions of the employees are poor, there being, for example, no occupational sick pay scheme. Employees have expressed discontent with the pay freeze and have suggested….

How did the congressmen frame their opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown vs Board? What specifically did they say they were objecting to? (page 677)

I will not be able to provide any copy of the book/any chapters of the book so please make sure that you have it before doing this project. let me know if you have questions. Please have the textbook

!) The American Journey a History of the United States Combined Volume, 8th Edition, Pearson, 2016

2) Reading: Please read the following: The attached pdf


ADD MLA citations using both the website and the book






A few tips regarding your Essay Exam:


Avoid first-person interaction (I, we me, etc.).

Implement a strong thesis statement in your introduction.

Conclude your paper by summarizing your findings.

Watch for spelling/grammatical errors.

Limit paragraphs to 3-5 sentences.

Properly format your paper.



IF you don’t….

Pollution control is still a central aspect in most of the world countries and especially in the developing and transition Significant issues persist concerning the availability of a comprehensive legislation on emissions’ control in different sectors (e.g. wastewater, air pollution, CO2 emissions, etc.).

The objective of this project is to assess the student’s critical thinking, diagnostic capabilities, and decision‐making attitudes through a deeper analysis of some concepts from environmental economi cs supported by good practices.

In particular, the project aims to evaluate student’s capacity to analyse the possible use of environm ental economics theory and tools in business and other organizations’ practices and decision making processes. Furthermore, it aims to measure their ability to recognize and analyse links between con crete experiences and strategies and the general principles of environmental economics and sustaina ble development covered in the course.



Many of the concepts, mechanisms and techniques developed by environmental economics are used in real policies and measures to make public choices.


Choose one of the assignments reported….

Using relevant academic evidence, critically argue why 360-degree feedback/rating IS or IS NOT the best tool for managing employee performance in contemporary work organisations”

This task is to write an argumentative essay on the following topic.



Your essay should offer a critical answer to the question above with reference to empirical evidences. Four relevant academic journal articles (see the list below) are given on StudySpace for you to establish and develop your argument, which should provide sufficient information to write this essay. You do not have to search for more articles unless you would like to. You MUST pick the literature and/or information in the studies that will best help you generate and justify your answer to the topic question. You are strongly encouraged to start by summarising all the articles and their studies for yourself before you start thinking about your own argument, so that you have a better….

Carpentier, Alejo. The Kingdom of this World: Write an essay about these conflicting energies, beginning with the difference using the contrast between Ti-Noel and Solimán as a point of departure.

The best method is to put forward a thesis (agree or disagree with one of the propositions in one of the questions below) and then defend or attack it using examples from the text. You must quote directly but sparingly from the text you’re writing about. History, biography, and politics are not ordinarily relevant to the topics, so don’t bother to include them in your essays


No more than 600 (and no fewer than 550) words. Do not append footnotes to your essays: You should add a list of “works cited” to your suite of essays, but unless you’re using an unusual edition of the works we’re reading, don’t bother to give anything more than page references. Never use ibid, op. cit.—just quote with page references, an….

Experiential Marketing: complete an individual essay including appendices on a retailer’s application of the concepts of Experiential Marketing y reviewing the literature associated with area

The essay should be titled Experiential Marketing in Contemporary Retailing’. Your essay should examine examples of experiential marketing for organisations with an international presence/footprint.


Notes for students


Carefully review the literature associated with Experiential Marketing.  From your reading, identify the criteria which you will use to assess retailers’ application of the concepts associated with the theory.  This is a very important part of the assignment, as insufficient effort here will render the rest of the task very difficult to complete.


What you observe should cover appropriate elements of the retail marketing mix.


In the lectures, we will be reviewing the theory of Experiential Marketing. You are expected to research this material on your own and including details from it in your own answer.  As….

Critical discussion of the effectiveness of production management methods and techniques with reference to the construction industry.

This should include consideration of the potential reasons for success or failure of application of selected production management technique, or the ease and suitability of their application. You should make reference to the wider contexts of industry that may have hindered/facilitated adoption, reference to contemporary industry practices and a critical consideration of the notion that ‘the construction manager is a production manager’.

You may use case study examples where appropriate to illustrate your discussions.

Please present your ideas in the form of a critical ‘literature review’, as used within academia to contextualise research papers (easily found in journals or conference proceedings).

Your submission must not exceed 4000 words.

Harvard references to be used in the assignment

Assignment format.


Introduction- what the problem is? Aim- Investigate whether….