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The Research Proposal is also where you discuss your topic in more detail and briefly discuss key ideas, facts, and some of the sources you will be using in your final research essay due later in the semester.

The Research proposal also gives you the opportunity to further explain the relevance of your topic and why it is significant. It should be well written, concise, proofread carefully for typos and phrasing errors and organized according to the detailed instructions below.

Keep in mind that an effective proposal outlines the topic and helps the reader understand what you intend to research/write about, and why it is an important/significant topic. It can be organized to include information regarding the background, context/significance, current information, details, and the aims/goals for your research paper. However, it must be focused and concise. Please be sure to go back and review my feedback and comments on your short proposal assignment.

NOTE: This assignment is a mandatory step that leads to the research essay. I will give you feedback and suggestions that you can/should/must incorporate into your final essay. Think of this assignment as your opportunity to request approval to continue with your chosen topic and to demonstrate that you have begun the research that will inform your final assignment.

For this assignment (Research Proposal), you will develop a clear and specific overview of your proposed topic (that you will ultimately write your Research Essay about), you will also develop 3 Research questions, and write an annotated bibliography of 4 of your sources. More details and resources with examples are provided below.

This assignment (Research Proposal) requires the following:

Section 1: Research Proposal with draft thesis statement (1.5 – 2 pages / 400 – 550 words)

  • You must convince me that you have done relevant and scholarly research. You must cite sources, paraphrase, and discuss your topic using a professional and academic tone/style – but don’t over do it…
  • Write in complete sentences and paragraphs
  • Put your thesis statement in Bold font
  • You must cite your source in-text and in your references page
  • Set up and introduce your thesis/topic statement.
  • It must be carefully and grammatically written! It should be clear, focused, and specific.
  • Establish and discuss your narrow topic clearly. 
  • Articulate your rationale/reason/purpose/aim.

Section 2: 3 Research questions ( ½ – 1 page)

  • These questions must go beyond introductory/starting point questions and must demonstrate that you have already studied your topic and are now searching for more focused insights and information that is relevant to your narrow/specific focus.
  • In addition to writing three questions, each question must be accompanied by a brief description or explanation. This means that for each question you will discuss the importance and relevance of the question and the usefulness of the information you hope to find. In other words, elaborate, contextualize, frame and discuss your question.
  • NOTE: The questions and their descriptions should take up not less than half of a page, and no more than one full page of double spaced, times new roman font, size 12.

Section 3: Annotated Bibliography of 4 sources 125-150 words each (not already used in your short proposal)

Resource: What is an Annotated Bibliography?

  • Each Annotation/summary must balance providing an overview of your source, with some supporting details, and an evaluation of why the source will be useful to your research for the final essay.
  • Must include 2 Academic Journal Articles
  • and any 2 of the following: Newspaper or credible news magazine report (no short newspaper articles)
  • Government or Non-Government Organization Report
  • Community organization Article or Report
  • other high-level quality source


Section 4: Full APA References Page

  • You must provide a complete and accurate list of the sources you used.
  • They must be formatted as APA References
  • They must be in alphabetical order
  • Review the APA Guide for examples and formatting requirements: https://library.senecacollege.ca/apa/examples

Do your own work… The College’s policy will be strictly followed in this regard; therefore, a grade of “0” will be given on the assignment if it violates the academic integrity policies.

Re-read these instructions and use them as a guide for your proposal.

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