You are the Executive Housekeeper of the Westin Markham Hotel.

You are the Executive Housekeeper of the Westin Markham Hotel. Your General Manager has informed you that they have had complaints about the amenities and feel that new ones should be obtained and bathroom vanities need to be revamped.

The standard room types will have basic amenities. The Deluxe rooms will have upgraded amenities (either extra items or better items).

Using the price list* provided to you from True North Hospitality select your amenities for your rooms. You have $0.91 per standard room for these amenities and the Deluxe rooms will have a budget of $1.91.

*Pricing on the list is based on cases of items (and how many units are per case).

Please list amenities selected per room type, size of the product and their costs. Include a grand total of all new amenities going into the rooms.

Also, as part of this assignment, you are to draw a picture of the bathroom vanity and explain how you will display these items in the bathroom. You saw examples of different setups in the chapter. This will be used for training purposes for the housekeepers on how to set up the bathroom.

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