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The aim is to solve the problem of RPL imbalance in order to enhance the RPL performance with respect to energy efficiency and network lifetime
by developing and integrating an energy-aware load balancing RPL algorithm with a software-defined network in a distributed structure
Required Work:
Required Service What is Required
Write and Publish
a Comprehensive
Survey Paper.
A comprehensive Survey on SDN-Based Routing Solutions to Improve IoT network Energy Efficiency
This part include:
1. Definition of Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Architecture, brief about Low power and Lossy Networks
and wireless sensor Networks, more about routing protocols in the Internet of Things?
2. RPL in details definition, RPL control messages, RPL Objective Functions, DODAG construction
and formation, DODAG maintenance, Routing Metrics Proposed for RPL and energy consumption in
RPL. how routing is consuming the power of IOT devices.
3. Definition of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), its Architecture (Single and Multi-Controller
Architecture) and How SDN-based RPL Network Architecture is useful to improve the energy
Updated Related works (2021,2020,2019) along with summarized tables of the related works are classified as:
1. Recent Works and Challenges on RPL Routing protocols in order to enhance the Energy Efficiency,
2. Recent Works and Challenges on RPL Load balancing in order to enhance the Energy Efficiency,
3. Recent Works and Challenges on SDN-based RPL protocol in order to enhance the Energy
Open issues and future research directions on the above related works.
? The paper format is IEEE
Totally 5 chapters, Total pages 120-130 pages, writing and Proofreading and proof checking (papers and
reference thesis will be attached)

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