write about 1984, but do so in a form of your choosing.

Here’s what you need to know:


1) the basic topic is propaganda and the final book of the course, but the choice of what exactly to write about is totally up to you — just run it by me to make sure it fits in with the course theme 2) the genre of writing (i.e., the category of writing, such as review, fiction, etc.) is also totally up to you.

A suggestion would be to write about 1984, but do so in a form of your choosing. It could be in the form of a book review, analyzing and interpreting the important messages of the book for an audience that may read it in the future. Persuade them: why should the read it? Why should they stay far away from it? You could write a poem about the book itself or the themes in the book. In this case, you could “poem-atize” the book itself, turning the story of the book into a poem or short story, for instance, writing poems from the characters’ points of view, or just write a poem about how you reacted to the book or how you reacted to some of the ideas of the book. You could do the same thing as a song, a set of songs, or song lyrics. For some of you that want to take a more active posture, you could write a series of letters to politicians talking about the importance of the messages in the book, or create an online petition or whitehouse.gov petition. Lastly, another idea would be to write what a newscast would like look for the events of the story, with or without propaganda.

To sum up, here are just a few possibilities for written genres you can choose for this project:

~ A book review or book/film analysis:

see:https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/2/26/ XXXXXXXXXX/black-panther-marvel-politics

~ Fictional short story or set of poems based on the themes/ideas we read

~ Op-ed on issue related to the book

~ Letter to a politician about the book or the issues in the book

~ Online petition

~ Newscast Script

While I encourage you to try out a new genre of writing (like one of the above possibilities), you can continue practicing personal narrative or academic research if you like.



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