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Example 6-2: Membrane Reactor


(i)Starting with all values of KC, k, CT0, and kC in the middle range (KC = 0.25, k = 2.1, CT0 = 0.52, and kC = 1.06, all in default units), vary each parameter individually and describe what you find. Note and explain any maximum or minimum values of your plots down the length (i.e., volume = 500 dm3) of your reactor. Hint: Go to the extremes of the range.

(ii) Repeat (i) but set KC at its maximum value and then vary k and kC, and describe what you find.

(iii) After reviewing Generating Ideas and Solutions on the Web site (http://www.umich.edu/~elements/ 5e/toc/SCPS,3rdEdBook(Ch07).pdf), choose one of the brainstorming techniques (e.g., lateral thinking) to suggest two questions that should be included in this problem.

(iv)Write a conclusion from your experiments in (i) through (iii).


(v) Vary ratios of parameters such as (k/kC) and (k τ CA0/KC) [note:

τ = 400 min] and write a paragraph describing what you find. What ratio of parameters has the greatest effect on the conversion X = (FA0 – FA)/FA0? (Trial and Error Solution)

(vi)Include pressure drop with α = 0.002 dm–3 and compare the conversion profiles for the two cases.

(vii)Write a summary paragraph of all the trends and your results.

(viii)Make up a question/problem on membrane reactors with a solution in which Wolfram must be used to obtain the answer. Hint: See Preface, Table P-4, page xxvii. Also comment on what types of questions would you ask when using Wolfram.

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