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Assessment item 2 – Locating and using quality evidenceValue: 40%Length: 1000 wordsGroup Assessment: NoSubmission method options: Alternative submission methodTASKYou need to write a description about the factors that have contributed to the professionalstatus of nursing today. For this assessment, you are to address the following three sections:• You must provide a complete an accurate Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose(CRAP) Test for the prescribed article with all the required CRAP test elements(approximately 300 words).• Review the prescribed article located in assessment 2 resource folder in the i2 site forthis subject. Describe two concepts (two concepts that have contributed to theprofessional status of nursing today) that you learnt through reading the ‘prescribedarticle’ about the nursing profession (approximately 700 words).• To support your description of the the two concepts (above),locate one additional peer-reviewed journal article, and references as per APA 7th ed.guidelines.The additional peer-reviewed journal article should not be an opinionpiece or editorial. It must be published after January 2017 and be found through theCharles Sturt library (included with the word count above to support yourdescription).

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