whose “profile” indicates they are a dangerous threat to security?

Assume you are an advisor to a statewide panel that is to make recommendations to the governor concerning police use of UAVs/drones. Respond to the following questions:

. Would you support police use of drones for surveillance purposes involving serious offenses? If so, for what crimerelated purposes? 2. Would you allow the police to use drones for Fourth Amendment (searches and seizures) types of operations, if legal conditions have been met? 3. Do you endorse using drones for lower-level functions, such as catching traffic speeders? 4. Would your panel be in favor of arming the drones with bullets or tear gas? 5. Do you believe drones should be used, without prior consent from any courts or other oversight body, for killing persons whose “profile” indicates they are a dangerous threat to security?

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Calculate the firm’s earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) for sales of 10,000 units.

Stewart Industries sells its finished product for $9 per unit. Its fixed operating costs are $20,000, and the variable operating cost per unit is $5.   a. Calculate the firm’s….

Calculate the operating breakeven point in units.

Grey Products has fixed operating costs of $380,000, variable operating costs of $16 per unit, and a selling price of $63.50 per unit.   a. Calculate the operating breakeven point in units…..

Should Max take on the additional loan payment?

Max Small has outstanding school loans that require a monthly payment of $1,000. He needs to buy a new car for work and estimates that this purchase will add $350….