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1) “What’s new is sometimes really old.” Discuss this statement in  light of changing patterns of drug taking behavior over the last fifty  years.  You can reference information from other resources as well as  your textbook. Make sure you cite your answers  appropriately.

2) The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) is a system for  presorting drug-related emergencies in U.S. metropolitan hospitals.   These occurrences are referred to as drug-related Emergency Room visits.   Picture yourself as an ER physician at a metropolitan hospital that  participates in the DAWN reporting system.  What questions would you ask  an incoming patient who is displaying symptoms that might be  drug-related? What circumstances might prevent you from making an  accurate record of the role drugs may have played in these symptoms.   You can reference information from other resources as well as your  textbook (Chapter 2). Make sure you cite your answers appropriately.

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