What other skills would need to be developed?

Paint a picture using an easel or by hanging a large sheet of paper on the wall. Concentrate on noticing the fi ne and gross motor movements required and record your observations. Then do a painting on a table top, once again recording your motor requirements. Compare and contrast the two activities. Think about the implication of large and small muscle development in children that is necessary for these art activities. Now consider cutting, pasting, tearing paper and other materials and creating sculptures. What other skills would need to be developed? After doing these activities yourself, will you approach art activities in an early childhood classroom differently? Explain.

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Compute the phi-coefficient to measure the strength of the relationship.

test 3 AA   Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.   ____    1.   For an ANOVA comparing three treatment conditions, what is….

What may shift aggregate supply to the right?

discussion 1: Economic growth may be attained when either aggregate demand or aggregate supply shifts to the right. Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 15 from the….

. Present your article as a 2-page report in a Word document formatted in APA style.

Use your textbook and the  University online library to find one recent success and one recent failure in international marketing. Write an article on what makes for success in international….