What is the minimum response time required by the sensor?

The output of an analog ultrasonic sensor that produces 4 to 20 mA of current will be mA when the target is located halfway between the minimum and the maximum calibrated sensing distance. Calculate the values of the resistor and the capacitor in a snubber circuit when the voltage across the contacts is 200 volts and the holding current is 100 mA. Suppose the diameter of a target is 2 inches, the light beam width is 1⁄2 inch, and the speed of the object is 5 inches per second. What is the minimum response time required by the sensor?

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Calculate the maximum achievable bridge out-of-balance voltage for an applied torque T of 103 N m given the following

Four strain gauges, with specification given below, are available to measure the torque on a cylindrical shaft 4 cm in diameter connecting a motor and load. (a) Draw clearly labelled….

Find the gain and phase characteristics of the maintaining amplifier.

A solid-state capacitive humidity sensor has a capacitance given by: C = 1.7 RH + 365pF where RH is the percentage relative humidity. The sensor has an associated parallel resistance….

calculate the mean velocity of the gas at maximum flow rate

A pitot tube is used to measure the mean velocity of high pressure gas in a 0.15 m diameter pipe. At maximum flow rate the mean pitot differential pressure is….