What is happening now? What would you do next as part of your assessment?

You notice that one of your students, Marcella, does well with class assignments and homework but performs very poorly on tests, particularly timed tests. What would you do?

1. In reviewing student records you see that Peter, a new student in your freshman English class, has always been an average or above-average student. A close inspection of his report cards shows that Peter is failing classes for the first time. Previous teachers indicated that his work-study skills have always been poor, and the narrative portions of his report cards indicate failure to complete long-term assignments, to work independently, to organize work, and to meet deadlines. These work-study skill weaknesses apparently did not significantly affect Peter’s performance in the lower grades. What is happening now? What would you do next as part of your assessment?

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Do the data present sufficient evidence to indicate that the average coverage differs from 400 square feet?

Labels on 1-gallon cans of paint usually indicate the drying time and the area that can be covered in one coat. Most brands of paint indicate that, in one coat,….

Would this scenario impact assessment results and your interpretation of those results?

When children are transferred from one class to another, it can be particularly traumatic for those who are educationally “at risk” and for those with learning and social-emotional disabilities. It….

How will this information help in the assessment process? What would you do?

As you begin assessing two students in your class who are suspected of having learning disabilities, you find the parent interviews to be insightful. During the interview with Regina’s parents,….