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Assignment: Choose FOUR of the questions below. Using details from the chart and the information in the lessons, answer each question in three or more sentences. Be sure to answer the questions in your own words using.

  1. What      is a Theocracy? Which civilizations were governed under this method?
  2. Compare      & contrast Ziggurats & Pyramids. What functions did they serve,      which groups of people within the society built them; when were they      built?
  3. Select      one written work from THREE of the ancient societies and summarize what      they wrote about.
  4. The      Phoenicians gave two important contributions to the world. Describe these      two things and explain their importance.
  5. The      Indus river valley had kiln-baked bricks, while the Mesopotamians sun      baked their bricks. Which method was more effective, and why?
  6. What      do the terms polytheism and monotheism mean? In which civilizations were      they practiced?
  7. If      you could go back in history, which of the five civilizations would you      visit and why?

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