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As we all know joints are defined as a connection between two bones in the skeletal system, joints can be classified by the type of tissue present or by the degree of movement permitted, There are joints or bones that are flexible enough to permit certain bodily movements, however if the skull had bones that were flexible it would help with swelling and it would allow for the brain to expand more but during childbirth a babies head is flexible enough to pass the the birth canal. A synovial joint is a ball and socket joint in which the ball shaped surface of one rounded bone fits into the cup like depression of another bone. The ball and socket joint provides swinging and rotation movements , the articulating bone is received into the cavity of another bone allowing the other bone to move around three main axes with a common center. The joint has ligaments that limit the directions and extent to which the bones can be moved. The ball and socket joint is a good fit for the body due to the movement that it allows for certain bones to make, the ball and socket which is the shoulder and the hip allow for movements arm and hips to happen. However if the shoulder was a gliding joint it would probably only be able to have one way of movement and would not be fit for the body.

What if a joint started to move in a different direction what would happen?

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