What documents will be sent to the negotiating banker for collection of export payments?

1.Which one of the following documents will not be submitted by the exporter to his bankers for collection of payment?


(a) Letter of credit (b) Bill of lading

(c) Commercial invoice (d) Packing slip

(e) Membership cum registration certificate of export promotion council

2. Which of the following government agencies covers the exports risks related to payment of export credits, etc.

(a) Reserve Bank of India (b) Export promotion councils

(c) GIC and its subsidiaries (d) Export credit guarantee corporation

3. What is a letter of credit? Explain briefly the operation of a letter of credit.

4. What documents will be sent to the negotiating banker for collection of export payments? Explain what a packing slip is.

5. Discuss various types of letter of credit.

6. Write short notes on:

(a) Consular invoice (b) Mates receipt

(c) Bill of lading (d) Bill of exchange

(e) Parties to a letter of credit


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