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Answer the following questions related to Case Number 4-F Where Everybody Knows Your Name in the Discussion,

1. Did Luce have a responsibility to tell her editors about her relationship with Schenk? If so, when should she have informed them?

2. What aspects of their lives should journalists or other media professionals be able to keep private? How much power should the organization they work for have over how these employees conduct themselves?

Discussion is 1 paragraph and it is page 81-82 on the pdf


3 student responses each on is 4 sentences each

1.I believe that Luce did in fact have the responsibility to tell her editors. Luce Should have informed them of this relationship on new years when it was established that they were dating or even a little prior before it got to that point. The only reason I would say this is because it was a conflict of interest and it could have maybe protected her in the long run. Journalists or other Media professionals should be able to keep their whole lives private but, in the world we live in that isn’t quite possible. If it had to be narrowed down, I would say it is important to find the boundary of work life and home life but when they are intertwined like many journalists or media professionals’ lives are this becomes clouded and a fine line. The organization they worked for should have power over how their employees conduct themselves. This is because at the end of the day they are representing that organization.

2. Did Luce have a responsibility to tell her editors about her relationship with Schenk? No. Shenck working for the Sunnyside police department before he met her was his job. The position that he was promoted to he seem to have “earned”. I don’t think that a conflict of interest was at stake when there were so many other stories Schenk could have told her about that the Department would have known, someone leak that information. With it being a small town, how can you avoid a conflict of interest? Imagine this. Small town your the only steno typist, or Court Reporter, on a crime of murder in first degree. The town is so small your brother is the arresting officer, your dad is the corner and your mom is the Fire investigator. Kinda like the show “Blue Bloods”. (Love that show) In this story your cousin was murdered and burned in a home. A suspect has been arrested, your dad has done his “job” as corner and found more disturbing details, your mom finished her “job” with how the fire started and so on. Now the case starts family member on trial. There are so many other reason in a small town conflicts of interest may be “considered” a conflict of interest in itself. Unless this case is moved to another jurisdiction it have to be said that all jobs are done without bias. if in turn you as the supervisor of a situation, see to be suspect, then yes, maybe some adjustments can be made. I think that any company should have a limited amount of information about you and you private life. Your work life and personal life at some point need to be separate, quite and private. I also think at some point as much integrity as you have if a company knew more, you would be categorized, where you may not be promoted or given the opportunity because of your family member standing.

3. No, I do not feel as if Luce had to tell her editors about her relationship with Schenk. If I was in her position I would have done the same thing in all honesty. People’s personal lives are private so whatever goes on outside of work as long as it does not interfere with the workplace is that person’s business so Luce and Schenk in this case. Although their jobs related in a way it was also kept private for personal reasons. Organizations that people work for only should have power of what goes on in the workplace. Whatever task that have to do with work is the only power organizations should have over their employees. Luce and Schenk came to work, did their job and kept their private life private and that is exactly how it should be.

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