What are the educational implications?

Assessment 1: Report (2000 words) Children’s health and development.
Review empirical evidence of the role of nutrition and exercise in the health and physical
development of children in the birth to two age range. What are the educational implications?
Please use the APA referencing style.
Week 5 30% C – E
Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this subject you will be able to:
A. Establish ethical, collegial, and professional workplace behaviours and relationships with colleagues, families and children.
B. Interpret Graduate Teacher Standards in the design of a digital professional portfolio and critically reflect on your practice in relation to the
C. Plan and deliver appropriate and evidence-based learning experiences for children aged birth to two years in an early learning setting.
D. Observe and assess motor and literacy skills to meet the needs of children.
E. Evaluate the potential impact of poor health on children’s development and educational outcomes

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