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Treatment of Native Americans Read the article by Robert M. Utley entitled, “Sitting Bull and the Sioux Resistance” on pages 25-37 of Portrait of America, Tenth edition. Choose one of the questions at the end of reading, on pages 37-38, for the topic of your paragraph.

The Fourteenth Amendment Read the article by Eric Foner entitled, “The Checkered History of the Great Fourteenth Amendment” on pages 16-24 of Portrait of America.  What importance, for shaping United States history, does Foner put on the passage and ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment?

The Nineteenth Amendment Read the article by William Lavender and Mary Lavender entitled, “Suffragists Storm over Washington” on pages 115-123 of Portrait of America, Tenth edition.  Choose one of the questions at the end of reading, on page 123, for the topic of your paragraph.

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