Transforming Nursing Practice

TRIMESTER 3 2021 HSNS363 Transforming Nursing Practice 2Assignment 1: Written Assignment

Weight: 40%

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Word Length: 1500 words

Notes: Written assignment

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This assessment relates to:
Learning Outcomes 1-3

Before we can deliver appropriate nursing care to a complex patient, we need to first acquire the relevant skillset that allows us to identify a patient with complex health care requirements. This includes analysing medical and situational factors that contribute to a complex health care scenario.

Once this has occurred Registered Nurses and other members of the health care team can initiate complex care planning commencing with analysis of the risk of further harm/hospitalisation, identification of the individual’s goals and any barriers to care including conflicting treatment approaches for client with multiple medical conditions.



The newly formed Youbeaut clinic is currently in the process of applying for the federal governments Healthcare Home Program. In order to show the ability of the new practice to undertake this program, the healthcare team has already adopted some of the practices associated with this program namely, the use of a screening tool to identify complex patients who would be considered eligible for the program. The practice has been able to create a RN position to act as care coordinator for these patients. Both Ben is a at the Youbeaut clinic who meets the inclusion criteria. Review Ben’s case study and care plan then answer the following questions:

  1. Discuss the elements of Ben’s medical history that contribute in him being classified as medically complex.
  2. Consider Ben’s situational complexity. Identify and discuss how these factors may create barriers to Nursing management.
  3. A diagnosis of more than one medical condition (multimorbidity) is a well-documented barrier to effective care delivery. Provide a brief discussion relating to how multimorbidity impact diagnosis and treatment for complex patients.
  4. Refer to the nursing care management plan for Ben. Identify and discuss any conflicting treatment or management elements of this plan.

Please download and refer to the attached documents

  • Case Study
  • Nursing care management plan
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