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To dig a foundation, an excavation is being placed next to an adjacent building. Even though tiltmeters and other instruments will be installed to monitor possible incipient failure of the shoring, the insurance company has requested that the consequences of possible shoring failures be investigated. As a first step to estimate these consequences, determine:

1. If the building will remain stable if failure occurs only under one footing of one exterior column (i.e., take advantage of moment framing in both directions in this evaluation)—consider both the cases of corner columns and noncorner columns.

2. If the building will remain stable if the shoring fails adjacent to all of the exterior footings of that building located next to the excavation (i.e., the exterior row of columns’ foundation support is completely gone).

3. The maximum compressive load the building can put on the soil adjacent to the shoring in the even of a major earthquake or wind storm. For all beams, Z = 144 in3 and Fy = 36 ksi. The columns can be assumed to be stronger than the beams. The frames are spaced at 20 ft center-to-center from each other. The actual floor live load acting on the frame is 20 per square ft (psf), the design floor live load is 50 psf, and the dead load is 120 psf. Neglect overturning of the building and catenary action (i.e., small displacement theory still applies).

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