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The relationship between use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during peri-and post menopause periods and breast cancer was explored in a study involving 400 breast cancer cases and 800 non-cases. In this study it was found that 198 cases and 250 of controls had confirm that they used HRT.



a) Build the 2X2 table consist only with data that will help you to estimate the association between HRT and breast cancer [4 points]







b) Calculate the odds ratio of prostate cancer comparing ‘never users’ versus ever users’ and provide a one sentence interpretation of the results[4 points].






c) Calculate the attributable fraction due to exposure to HRT use on breast cancer and explain in one or two sentences the meaning of your findings [4 points]






d) Calculated the population attributable risk of low-fat intake on melanoma and explain in words the meaning of such finding, make sure all calculation are revealed [4 points]




e) What do you think about the classification of HRT use in this way could this invites error? [4 points]

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