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Length and Format: minimum 3 pages, maximum 4 pages. Please provide a separate cover page and begin your analysis at the top of page 1. Please also include a “Works cited” page where you list your sources. Use the MLA format for citations (both parenthetical and works cited page).


Sources: You need to consult at least two scholarly sources pertaining to the topic, author or historical period in question. No internet sources will be accepted. Please use the following databases on ODU’s library’s website for articles:


2. MLA Bibliography


Writing assistance: There are several avenues of help:

1. The Writing Tutorial Service in at ODU.

2. Your professor. My office hours are MW 12-1 and by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to stop by for help!

3. Website: the OWL at Purdue


Grading: Your papers will be graded according to the following components, with 10 points allotted for each item:

1. thesis statement 6. sources and format

2. organization 7. evidence of thought

3. introduction 8. grammar

4. conclusion 9. Analysis (not plot summary)

5. length 10. Citations from the primary text

incorporated within the analysis as textual evidence


A 90-100 essay approaches the text analytically, supports a coherent thesis with evidence from the text, and explains how the evidence illustrates and reinforces its thesis. There is strong evidence of a critical perspective. Transitions are smooth and the essay is free of mechanical and grammatical errors.

An 80-90 essay responds to the assignment clearly but with less development that a 90-100 paper. It demonstrates a good understanding of the text and supporting material, but the analysis is less precise. The writing is forceful and clear with few grammatical and mechanical errors.


A 70-80 essay addresses the topic intelligently, but does not answer it fully and specifically. It is characterized by a good but general grasp of the text. Textual evidence is used sparingly and plot summary sneaks in. There are some grammatical and mechanical errors.


A 60-70 essay fails to conform to the assignment or fails to respond to the thesis statement. It provides only minimal textual support and sometimes includes a misreading of the text or a part of it. The writing suffers from lapses in organization, clarity, grammar and mechanics.

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