Su-Jen was born in China but she is really considered a second generation Canadian.

Section 1 – Answer the following questions in 5-7 sentences each. For each question, provide a quotation (not exceeding 7 words) as proof. Do provide page number in bracket with each quotation.

  1. Su-Jen was born in China but she is really considered a second generation Canadian. Her roots are in China, but she is re-rooting herself in Canada. Briefly describe two separate occasions when she was obviously caught between Chinese cultural expectations and Canadian cultural expectations.
  2. Explain why Lai Jing and Hing Wun Chou happen to be married to each other.
  3. What is the writer’s attitude towards Lai-Jing? Does she present her as a tragic figure? As a hopeful figure? A realistic figure? A typical ‘stock’ figure, symbolizing Chinese Canadian women at that time? A sacrificial figure?
  4. What is your impression of Mai-Yee?
  5. Su-Jen’s family harbours a big secret. What is the sercret? Why is this secret situation happening? Why does no one bring it ‘out in the open’? is it easier for the family to keep silent and live with the deception OR would ti be better for Su-Jen’s father or Su-Jen to ‘speak out?’ Write two paragraphs (of 5-7 sentences each) on this situation and how it affects the family.

Section 2 – Who says these words to whom and what is the context of these words in the respective chapters?
Discuss each quotation in about 3-5 sentences. NO need to quote in your answer. The quotation is already given.

  1. “We Chinese are too busy saving every penny we make. Your father would never spend that kind of money on himself. He is the only person who could make a monk look like a spendthrift. But now that you and your mother are here, Su-Jen, maybe things will be different.”
  2. “Don’t worry, you will always be Su-Jen inside.”
  3. “At the school, my parents seemed to shrink as they looked at this man who was so friendly.”
  4. “Did you know, Su-Jen, that when your brother was still a baby in Hoi Ping County, I had to return to Canada? I was still here when the Second World War started and I couldn’t get back to China until it was over. By the time I got back, my son, he was almost seventeen.”
  5. “Uncle Yat’s wife, she’s smart. Lucky to be in China. Not like me. Stranded here.”
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