s Identify a clinical issue/situation you have reflected upon that requires improvement

Students will formulate a reflective plan on an issue they have identified in their specialty practice that requires improvement. The students need to state the objectives for the plan, conduct a critical review of the literature, and synthesise contemporary knowledge about reflective practice to develop strategies that will improve their professional practice.

Assessment Instructions

  • Identify a clinical issue/situation you have reflected upon that requires improvement;
  • Identify a reflective model/theory you are going to utilise in this plan;
  • State the objectives of the reflective plan;
  • Conduct a critical literature review utilising at least 12 refereed journal articles using key terms, and appropriate search engines to assist in finding supporting evidence;
  • Synthesise the identified relevant literature into a coherent and logical discussion paper about what is known on the topic and what strategies you have identified to improve the specialty practice.
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