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Rodrigo is a 57 year old man who admitted to the emergency department (ED) following a motor vehicle accident. Rodrigo was driving delivery van that was struck head on by another vehicle. Rodrigo has severe injuries to both lower extremities: (1) closed femur fracture of the left leg and (2) open fracture of the right tibia and fibula with near amputation. A chest tube was inserted on arrival in the ED. Rodrigo is neurologically intact. He is now scheduled for surgery on his legs. As you prepare for the case, the patient is brought into room. The circulator has to use a translator to help verify the patient's identity prior to placing the patient on the OR table.

Q1. A. This case represents what category of surgical intervention?
B. what is the specialty surgical classification for this case?

Q2. What is the difference between emergent and urgent surgical intervention?

Q3. What is an elective surgery? provide an example.

Q4. Consult with your instructor: Is elective surgical intervention the same thing as “minor” surgery?

Q5. As the circulator enters the room with the patient, you notice that the open fracture has an avulsion of the muscle with heavy grass and dirt contamination. As you greet the patient, a translator translates your name and greeting. The circulator is trying to assess the patient and move him over to the gurney. You need several instruments and supplies for the case and need the circulator to obtain and open them. How and when would you communicate your needs?


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