Reflect on your own presentation and write about the experience.

Purpose This assignment is a learning activity in which you will reflect on your own presentation and write about the experience.
Think about the presentation you did for Any presentation. Reflect on your thoughts and your learning about technical presentation and answer the following questions in 1-2 paragraphs (at least 2 pages long). Then, add anything else that might help me understand how you were able to use technical communication assignment to support your high-quality work in technology field.

  1. What concepts that we learned in class about PPTX design did you use(d) in your own slide deck (here is an example power point slide.)

Look at the bottom of the stage at 3:52-3:55 minute mark. What do you see on the stage floor? How do these tools help the presenter? If you had to give a Ted Talk that would be recorded and published on YouTube, what are some things that you would do to prepare?
Were you able to use any of the practices that you mentioned in your presentation to teammate or coworker feedbacks? What practices did you adopt in your presentation from coworker or teammate on the above video presentation?

  1. How is the practice of reducing filler words working for you? Were you able to use what you learned in the presentation?
  2. What were the biggest differences between the practice you did for your own presentation and the presentation you did? What did you do differently? Given unlimited time and resources, what would you do differently next time?
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