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“Racism in the Civil War North” Please respond to the following with at least 250 words:

· After Lincoln officially pronounced the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863, the Civil War enveloped a two-fold purpose: fighting for reuniting the Union, and prohibiting slavery in captured confederate territory. This action set off a chain reaction that led to draft riots, which demonstrated Northern racism and casualties between blacks and whites. Go to Section 2 of this week’s Webtext titled “Why the North Won”, and view the resources provided for the section discussing the New York City Draft Riots. Next explain three (3) ways that these riots supported the ‘myth’ of the anti-racist liberals of the North and the difficulties facing free African Americans.


Respond the following classmate:


Jaydah Bolger:

1. In the north, they had a huge number of abolitionists and progressives but the other thing that they had was the blatantly racist law that had prevented black people to be free and also for blacks to have the rights as citizens. That’s why it was the north and not the south that hosted the most country violent race riot in the history. They had started out protesting against the union draft policy then it turned out to be a full assault on any African American that was unfortunate to exist and get caught. at least 4 blacks were killed Wednesday, July 15 as the riot had reached the third day.The end of the fourth-day riot 11 blacks had been lynched throughout Manhattan, hundreds more were assaulted and a children’s orphanage was burned to the ground.

2. The passage of the first military draft was in March 1863 it had only made the issue worst but it was only made for wealthy men only to be able to buy their way out of the military services, they had to pay $300. It also had exempted blacks from the draft because they were not considered American Citizens.

3. Close to 115 people lost their lives nearly a dozen black men were lynched after being brutally beaten. A hundred of buildings was damaged and 50 was burnt down. The mob was making barricades around the city that made it hard for the police to be able to reach.


Week 10 Discussion 

“Opinions on the War Between the States “

· Explore this week’s Webtext materials then take a stance in regards to the following question: “Does the Civil War have any value in today’s society or is it simply buried in America’s historical past?” Provide support for your stance.

Bottom of Form


Respond the following classmate:


Jaydah Bolger:

The Civil War has a lot of value in today’s society, it changed our lives. One way it changed our lives is that now we have Hospitals and ambulances, They didn’t have hospitals or the ambulances during the civil war time because of a lot of people,e got treated for in their own homes. After the war that when hospitals and ambulances went from the battlefront to cropped up all over the country. Nurses and ambulances then became crops and fixtures during the civil war. The most famous nurse Clara Barton had established the American Red Cross. Today’s modern hospital is a direct descendant of these first medical centers.The next thing how the civil war had changed society is by the railroads. The very first transcontinental railroad was built between 1863 and 1869, it was built to bind California to the union during the civil war. In order for them to be able to build the line, the union pacific and central Pacific railroads were granted 400 foot of the way and the 10 square miles of the government-owned land for every mile of the track that was needed to build it. Another way of how the civil war has value in today’s society is by the technology and how we communicate with each other. Abraham Lincoln was amazed at the idea of applying technology to war it made him excited.  Because of his wartime dependance on the telegraph, it created other lines of communication from the telephone to the Internet.

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