Provide a reason for why you think each quote is important and how it supports your claim in paragraph #2. This is a crucial step!

Take ten minutes to free write about what you learned while reading and discussing Overcoming Our Evil, what you think Stalnaker aims to achieve, and whether or not you think he succeeds on those terms. Do not worry about grammatical mistakes or complete sentences. This section is only graded on completion. I want to see that you’re taking the time to reflect on the material before you start writing.

  1. Consider these questions: Does Stalnaker’s comparison of Xunzi and Augustine primarily report on and describe these thinkers or interpret and evaluate these thinkers? And is the concept of “moral formation” important to Stalnaker because he thinks it is important to Xunzi and Augustine historically, to Confucians and Christians over the centuries, or to the modern reader who hopes to be morally formed? Write a paragraph that answers these questions. I want to know what you think! As a reminder, your primary subject should be Stalnaker, and you should make an argument that can be supported by the text. (~250 words)
  2. Copy three quotes from the text that you think best support your answer in the last paragraph. These quotes are providing evidence or grounds for your argument. Think about how you might convince a reader that what you say about the book is the strongest reading of it. Don’t forget to include page numbers. (~150 words total)
    1. Quote 1:
    2. Quote 2:
    3. Quote 3:
  3. Provide some background information for each of the quotes copied above: What is the place of each quote in the text? How do they fit into Stalnaker’s larger argument? If someone had not read the book, what basic information would they need to know to understand each quote? (~150 words total)
    1. Background for Quote 1:
    2. Background for Quote 2:
    3. Background for Quote 3:
  4. Provide a reason for why you think each quote is important and how it supports your claim in paragraph #2. This is a crucial step! You are explaining why or how your data supports your argument. The quotes do not stand on their own. Think about what stands out to you about those quotes and why you think the audience should take time to read them. Think of this step as a warrant for your choices in section #3. (~200 words total)
    1. Reasons for picking Quote 1:
    2. Reasons for picking Quote 2:
    3. Reasons for picking Quote 3:
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Consider the following mean-square differential equation, driven by a WSS random process  with psd The differential equation is subject to the initial condition , where the random variable  has zero-mean, variance 5, and….

Repeat the corresponding segment of the correlation function periodically.

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