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1. Objective. A military executive summary (EXSUM) is like a tactical operation: well-planned, sharp and to the point. Assume that your chain of command or fellow staff officers / NCOs will read only your EXSUM and make their decision based on the information there. That is the exact reason why the EXSUM is so important and as a Senior NCO you should know how to properly prepare one.

2. Instructions. Prepare an EXSUM on the enclosed ALARACT 293/2012, Subject: HQDA EXORD 10-13 in support of the HQDA FY 13-15 Active Component Manning Guidance for your Brigade Commander and Command Sergeant Major . Prepare your executive summary using Arial font, 12 pitch. It may be no longer than one page in length. Use DA Memo 25-52, Staff Action Process and Correspondence Policies, for the format and style of an executive summary. Your office symbol is ATSG-NCOA. The S-1, MAJ Peter Burke, is the approving official for your EXSUM.


3. You must do your own original work . The SLC Written Communication Rubrics will be used to assess your work. Tips:


· Use the active voice. Employ the elements of good Army writing. Don’t use a big word when a small one will do; avoid run-on sentences.


· Do not overstate and do not overwrite. Like all military matters, do — or in this case, say — what has to be said and move on.


· Speak to the audience of your executive summary. If your report is for high-ranking officers or NCOs, it requires a more formal tone than if the report is to be read by privates.


· Write a thesis statement that addresses the major thrust of the executive summary. Rather than quietly wading in, drop the bombshell and get the reader’s attention in the first sentence of the executive summary.

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