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Assessment 3 role plays
Case study 1: Your name is David and you are a 36-year-old male journalist who has a very demanding job which involves working long hours. You have been smoking since you were at university and you estimate that you currently smoke between 30-40 cigarettes a day. You love to catch up with your friends at the pub for a smoke and a drink as you say it helps you relax. You have tried to stop smoking on a number of occasions, with limited success as you suffer badly from nicotine withdrawal. Your father recently died of lung cancer at age 68 after many years of smoking. In his final stages of cancer, Donald was in a great deal of pain and distress. You are worried that if you keep smoking like this, you will end up with lung cancer like your dad.
Case study 2: Your name is Sally, you are a 28-years old female and you work as a financial adviser for a large finance company. You have always struggled with your weight and you currently weigh 122 kilograms. You have a family history of type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Your GP has said you must lose weight and keep it off. You would prefer to have gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery. However, your GP is against this as you they believe you need to make lasting lifestyle changes through a combination of diet and exercise. You realise this is a more logical approach to take but do not believe you have the time or energy to do this.
Case study 3: Your name is Mark and you are a 19-year old male university student. You have moved away from home to attend university and you are studying exercise science. In an effort to meet people and form new social networks you have joined several societies. Your favourite group is the ‘pubs along the pier’ night. You are generally reserved but find that after a few drinks you are more outgoing and confident. People have commented how easy going and friendly you are which increases your desire to be part of this group. Over the last two months however you have woken up the next morning with no recollection of how you got home on several occasions and on the last occasion you woke up in another person’s house. A friend from your hometown is visiting you and when you tell them this story which you laugh about, they urge you to stop drinking with this group of people. You agree to go and see a health professional but really don’t see what the issue is.
Case study 4: Your name is Tessa and you are a 29-year-old female single parent of three children under the age of eight (8) years old. You work 4 days a week at a local supermarket. By the time you pick up your children from school and childcare you are too tired to cook, so your meals are invariably takeaway meals and you use the left avers the next day for lunches. Your eldest child has brought a note from their teacher asking to meet with you. At the meeting the teacher indicates that you need to be providing more nutritious meals for your child. You know the teacher has a valid point, but you feel like you are being made out to be a bad parent and you have no idea how to go about making this change to your children’s diets and making the teacher happier.

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