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a. Operating systems can be very simple and some very complex and complicated depending on the
structure a designer chooses to use, describe any three operating system design structures. (6 Marks)
b. Distinguish between:
i. Batch systems and on line systems. (2 Marks)
ii. Cache and virtual memory. (2 Marks)
c. Mention and briefly explain the two ways a computer thread can be implemented. (4 Marks)
d. Briefly describe any four considerations a designer makes when deciding a good CPU scheduling
algorithms. (6 Marks)
e. Define:
i. File system (1 Mark)
ii. Live lock (1 Mark)
f. Outline the two options for breaking deadlock during deadlock recovery. (4 Marks)
g. State two responsibilities of the operating system with regard to I/O management. (2 Marks)
h. Briefly describe the relevance of a process control block during process execution. (2 Marks)






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