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PROMPT 5.   Natural Versus Stylized / The Human Body in Art –

We have seen humans depicted as stick figures and fully natural replicas of real-life.  How has the depiction of the human form been used to emphasize meaning? 

Pick 2 objects, each from a different module covered in the second half of the course and discuss the different ways that naturalism and/or stylization have meant different things to different peoples and in different time periods.


You should strive to write your initial post as a fully developed “22-sentence” essay.  The first 3 sentences are for the intro, then the 2 body paragraphs of approximately 8 sentences, and then the last 3 sentences for the conclusion. Please see this template for reference.

A fully developed essay (intro, 2 body paragraphs, conclusion). The introduction includes a clear, well-focused thesis or topic sentence. In the body paragraphs, main ideas are clear and are well supported by detailed and accurate information presented in a logical progression. Specific visual and contextual evidence is accurately used to analyze the similarities between the two works. Specific visual and contextual evidence is accurately used to analyze the differences between the two works. The meaning transmitted in the selected works of art is accurately explained. The conclusion is strong. Vocabulary and terminology are used appropriately and correctly. No grammatical or spelling errors

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