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1. The branch of the brachial artery which accompanies the ulnar never behind the medial epicondyle is the inferior ulnar collateral artery.

2. Inability to flex the distal phalanx of the fourth and fifth digits of the hand would indicate damage to the ulnar nerve.

3. The roots and trunks of the brachial plexus lie above the clavicle.

4. Adduction of digits two, four and five of the hand are a function of the ulnar nerve.

5. Loss of function of the muscles of the posterior compartment of the leg and the sole of the foot is associated with paralysis of the deep peroneal nerve.

6. The biceps femoris muscle has a dual innervations derived from tibial and femoral nerves.

7. Pectineus, gracilis and obturator externus muscles are all supplied by the obturator nerve.

8. Damage to the median nerve above the wrist joint may result in loss of sensations on the medial third of the palm.

9. A midshaft fracture of the humerus may result in a dropped hand.

10. Damage to the radial nerve resulting from a fractured lateral epicondyle will result in loss of adduction and abduction of the fingers only.





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