Is the sergeant’s behavior in violation of any law?

A female officer comes to you alleging that her direct supervisor in the Drug Suppression Unit, who is a former lover, began sending explicit text messages to her a few weeks ago, including “I must lick you” and “I am just a man. Never satisfied always wanting more.” Now, however, the sergeant is phoning her repeatedly at work to discuss personal matters and sometimes calls her offensive names. If she doesn’t answer the phone, he angrily confronts her at the police station, yelling and using abusive language. Today, she agreed to meet him in a parking lot while they were both on duty. He became angry when she refused to date him again, and he again sent her harassing text messages soon afterward. She indicates that he obviously uses GPS to track her while doing drug interdiction work, because he showed up twice yesterday where she was on a stakeout with a colleague. She claims she has brought these matters to the attention of her shift lieutenant, but so far he ignores her complaints.

1. Is the sergeant’s behavior in violation of any law? If so, specifically what? 2. What are the issues involved? 3. As her captain, what will you do about the matter?

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