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Conducting business via the Internet offers numerous advantages, however; it is associated with other numerous privacy and security issues. The advancement in technology allows small businesses to operate online and on a global level since communication is instantaneous. Many clients can purchase their desired products just by a click of the mouse. However, one of the drawbacks is the major concerns relating to law and the Internet. Although the Internet offers incredible opportunities for conducting business globally, it has resulted in various risks for both consumers and businesses.

One of the major challenges that online business faces today is the issue of balancing the free flow of communication and data with the protection of privacy. It is noteworthy that the new world of electronic communication presents numerous challenges for the law. This affects the main categories of cyber laws that include contracts, tort law, criminal law, and intellectual property. Some of the legal concerns raised by security and privacy issues include fraud, hacking, phishing, identity theft, cookies, and privacy issues, commercial email and privacy, computer crime and privacy, and the constitution and privacy among others. Issues such as phishing, spamming, tracking of cookies cause numerous problems that are harmful, and in a global framework, computer and the Internet has made identity theft a major threat in the business world.

In addition, technology has also impacted the contemporary areas of law such as torts and contracts. Many people use social media and webcams in a torturous manner through the invasion of privacy. Additionally, many people are likely to consent to contracts online by just a click of the mouse even without reading the contracts. More so, sales of goods have become more complicated because the manner in which taxes are assessed is very different. In the future, it will be necessary to align technology with issues of safety to ensure that there is a level playing ground.

It is evident that the law has struggled to catch up with technological advancement, particularly, conducting business online. Even where regulations exist, implementation remains a major challenge. As the global business continues to embrace technology through electrical communication, societies must find a balance between technological advancement and security or privacy issues.

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