Identify the structures of compounds A, B, C, and D.

Compound A (C7H14) decolorized a Br2–CH2Cl2 chloride solution. It reacted with BH3 • THF reagent, followed by alkaline peroxide solution, to produce compound B. Compound B, on treatment with chromic acid–sulfuric acid solution, gave carboxylic acid C, which could be separated into two enantiomers. Compound A, on treatment with ozone, followed by addition of hydrogen peroxide, produced compound D. Compound D was identical to that material isolated from the oxidation of 3-hexanol with chromic acid–sulfuric acid reagent. Identify the structures of compounds A, B, C, and D.

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Calculate the compressibility factor for C, if one mole of it occupies 0.4 ltr at 300 K and 40 atm.

The mass of molecule A is twice that of molecule B. The root mean square velocity of molecule A is twice that of molecule B. If two containers of equal volume have same number of molecules,….

compute the rate oxygen consumption by the cells in mm3 of  (STP) per hour.

The respiration of a suspension of yeast cells was measured by determining the decrease in pressure of the gas above the cell suspension. The apparatus was arranged so that the….

how many times does Sabu need to such out air in order to save Chacha Choudhary.

During one of his adventures, Chacha Chaudhary got trapped in an underground cave which was sealed 200 yrs back. The air inside the cave was poisonous, having some amount of….