How will this affect the population of the city? Explain your answer. 

MEE 5901, Advanced Solid Waste Management

Unit V Assignment

This assignment will allow you to demonstrate the following objectives:


· Assess the fundamental science and engineering principles of solid waste management.

· Examine the impact of solid waste on human populations.


Instructions: Biological treatment of municipal wastes are the primary means for degrading organic matter and for stabilizing the contents of the landfill. Both aerobic and anaerobic processes are functioning in landfills and compost piles. The majority of regulations are set up to protect these biological populations from being killed off or limited in their ability to complete the degradation cycle. The methane by-product can be used as an energy source to help reduce operating costs and to limit the release of a very strong greenhouse gas into the environment. This assignment will allow you to further explore these concepts.


Answer the questions directly on this document. When you are finished, select “Save As,” and save the document using this format: Student ID_Unit# (ex. 1234567_UnitI). Upload this document to BlackBoard as a .doc, docx, or .rtf file. The specified word count is given for each question. At a minimum, you must use your textbook as a resource for these questions. Other sources may be used as needed. All material from outside sources (including your textbook) must be cited and referenced in APA format. Please include a reference list after each question.



1) Navigate to the CSU Online Library and review some articles on landfills and on compost piles. This assignment is not about summarizing these operations but about analyzing and comparing the differences between these two fundamental principles of solid waste management. Describe when and why each of these fundamentals is appropriate for use to manage municipal solid waste. Include in your discussion details about the differences of microbial mechanisms, the end products of degradation, and of factors that help and harm the performance of these operations. How effective is each one? (Your total response for all parts of this question should be at least 500 words.)


2) A community of 62,000 does not have a municipal recyclinge program, and they it sends all of their its refuse to the municipal landfill. Will the landfill generate enough natural gas to meet the needs of the city if the municipality needs to annually generate 10 million cubic meters of natural gas (methane) and the city collects all of the methane that is generated? How will this affect the population of the city? Explain your answer. (Your total response for all parts of this question should be at least 300 words.)

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