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Health Care Delivery

Textbook : Niles, N. J. (2014). Basics of the US health care system (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Shi, L., & Singh, D.A. (2015) Delivering health care in America: A systems approach (6th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


Instructions: Please ensure to substantiate your response with scholarly sources and/or also a personal account of your own experience in the work place or personal life. Cite and reference work! Must be 200 to 250 word count.


1. Read Chapter 1 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 1 attached.


1. Read Chapter 2 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 2 attached.


1. Read Chapter 14 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 14 attached.

1. How have political or policy decisions over the years affected the current health services system?

4a. Heather: I work in the billing for a physicians office and we have more patients with health insurance. With the “Obamacare” patients who previously did not qualify for insurance are now able to get insurance because of the “no preexisting clause”. This means patients that have chronic illnesses are now able to get insurance as of before they were denied or give outrageous prices that they couldn’t afford. I know that there are a lot of people that don’t agree with the “Obamacare” policy and I don’t know all the ends and outs. I just know working in a doctors office and what I see. I see more patients getting the treatment and medications they need and can now afford with the insurances they receive through the market place. I don’t necessary agree that it should be mandatory and you pay a fee if you don’t have coverage, because I think that it should be a choice everyone should be able to make on their own. I just think “Obamacare” has given people who couldn’t afford coverage through their employers and people with preexisting conditions an option, not for just themselves for to cover their entire family. I know Medicaid is an option for some families, but usually the kids qualify for full Medicaid but parents are set with a high share of cost. The parent can pay 200.00 a month for “Obamacare” or 1200.00 a month to meet their share of cost. High share of cost makes more people seek care in the ER instead of a primary care because the ER visit will met their share of cost. What reactions do you have to the ideas they presented? Include examples from the course readings or your own experience to support your perspective, and raise questions to continue the dialogue. 100 to 150 words only!


1. What is the role of prevention in the current health care system? What are some benefits or

the lack of success in this area?

1. Watch and share your thoughts on the Healthcare System is Broken-“Reinventing Healthcare-A Fred Friendly Seminar”



1. Explore the following healthcare timelines: Discuss your thoughts

· Health Care Timeline — pbs.org http://www.pbs.org/healthcarecrisis/history.htm


1. Watch the “Vital Signs–High Blood Pressure” video on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Discuss your thoughts. http://www.cdc.gov/cdctv/vitalsigns/vital-signs-high-blood-pressure.html


1. As you learn about the health care industry in the United States and progress through this course, it is important to understand its history and evolution. Complete the Health Care Timeline worksheet to create a timeline in which you describe the evolution of the United States Health Care industry.

Complete the following timeline.

Select seven events that have helped shape health care as it is today. Write a 50- to 150- word summary per event that discusses the event and its effect on the health care industry. An example has been provided for you.


Health Care Through Out the Years
Date Event and Significance
1870-1889 Employers began to provide employee health care. Companies in several industries, including mining, lumber, and railroads, developed group industrial clinics with plans that prepaid doctors a fixed monthly fee to provide medical care to employees for industrial accidents and common illnesses.





























Cite your sources below.



Leadership and Performance Development

Reference: Ledlow, G. R., & Coppola, M. N. (2014). Leadership for Health Professionals (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Must be 200 words

1. How are behavioral and situational theories different? What is a leadership style you would find for each theory? In what situations might that leadership style be most effective?


1. Theories:      What is one thing situational theories say about relationships? How might a contemporary leadership style benefit an organization?


1. In my business I look for the stronger leaders that are managers or directors of departments so I can help them develop in their leadership style.  I have been able to help two of the directors become CEOs with companies that I have worked for and they are both successful.  As you move up in your organization work hard and get to know the leaders, CEO or others in the company that are influential and you might get yourself in a position to move up in the organization.  Class what are your thoughts climbing the ladder in an organization?  Is it possible in your company?  Why? or Why not?


1. Who in your life has been an influential leader? Which aspects of the two theories—behavioral and situational —best represent their leadership style? Why?


1. How important is detail when you are getting information from your employees?


1. Read Chapter 1 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 1 attached.


1. Read Chapter 2 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 2 attached.


1. Read Chapter 3 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 3 attached.


1. Read Chapter 4 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 4 attached.


1. Read Chapter 8 and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 8 attached.


1. Write in one page:


· Mandatory: Provide one leadership characteristic for each theory: behavioral, contingency, and contemporary. How would you incorporate these characteristics into your personal leadership style?

· Mandatory: How is a leader different than a manager? What are the traits of an effective leader? What are the traits of an effective manager? Identify specific, real-world examples.

1. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following:

· Based on your reading, who do you see as having a successful leadership style? Why do you consider him or her a successful leader? What management and leadership theories does this person use? Provide an example of a historical figure or someone you know.

· Review the results of your Leadership and Team Self-Management Assessment. How does your leadership style compare to the successful leader you identified? What traits does the successful leader have that you need to develop? What strengths do you have from which your example leader could benefit?

Must include Introduction and conclusion. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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