How do legal systems of the world affect international marketing?

1.Code law which is based on a very detailed set of laws organized into codes is also known as


(a) Theocratic law (b) Civil law

(c) Common law (d) International law

(e) Standard law

2. Laws instituted by countries to prevent the business firms from using unethical means to wield undue influence over those who control flow of business activities in the country are known as

(a) Anti-corruption laws (b) Business laws

(c) Theocratic laws (d) Patent laws

(e) Administrative laws

3. Ownership over intellectual properties is established by

(a) Patents (b) Copyrights

(c) Trademarks (d) None of these

(e) All of these

4. The laws, rules and regulations by each government in its own country become for all foreign

companies and business operating in that country

(a) Home country laws (b) Host country laws

(c) International laws (d) Civil law

(e) Common law

5. State true or false:

(a) Theocratic Law is a system based on the religious teachings as enshrined in the religious


(b) The process of conciliation involves a third party who tries to settle the dispute between two

aggrieved firms by resolving differences.

(c) In strict legal sense, the term ‘property’ means a resource over which an individual or firm or a business holds a legal title, this becomes the resource that they own.

(d) A patent grants the inventor of a new product or new process exclusive rights for a defined period to manufacture, use or sale of that invention.

(e) Trademarks are the designs, names and brands often officially registered by which merchants,

manufacturers and the producers designate and differentiate their works and products. 1. How do legal systems of the world affect international marketing? Differentiate between home country,

host country and international laws.


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