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Reading Primary Source Documents Check Canvas for Due Date!

Assignment: Read Booker T. Washington’s “Speech Before Atlanta Cotton States & International Exposition” & W.E.B. DuBois’ “ The Talented Tenth” Essay and respond to the following:

How did Booker T. Washington think that blacks could improve their circumstances in the South? What did he ask them to give up, at least temporarily? Did Booker T. Washington’s ideas have merit then and what lessons if any might they contain for 21

st century African Americans?


According to DuBois, who were the “talented tenth”? • What responsibility did they have to the African-American race? • Are DuBois’ ideas still relevant in the 21st century? Why or why not? If they are still relevant, who would represent the “talented tenth” of today? What responsibility, if any, do they have to the African-American community? Why would prominent whites approve of his approach?

All essays must be typed and double spaced. Poor spelling and grammar will count against you! No e-mailed or late submissions allowed!

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