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Theme one: Modernization and the Challenges of Globalization

  • What transformational changes did the UAE go through?
  • Evaluate the consequences of education modernization in the UAE? Give school linked examples for evidencing the consequences.
  • How did Globalization impact the UAE in terms of social, political, cultural and educational arena?

According to this reference:

  • Lootah, M. (2006). Globalization, modernization and education in Muslim Countries, in ECSSR, (pp. 237-247, UAE  Education: Modernization and the challenges  of globalization). New York: Nova.
  • Lauder, H., Brown, P., Dillabough, J.A. & Halsey, A.H. (Eds.) (2007). Education, globalisation and social change. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. (69, Transitional advocacy, Global civil society? Emerging evidence from the field of education).

 Theme two: Equal Opportunities (Equity)

  • What are the rationales for desegregation, compensatory education, multicultural education and education of children with disabilities?
  • What are the major obstacles and approaches in desegregating the schools?
  • What are the major approaches to compensatory education?
  • What does the law say about providing education for students with disabilities? What are the major issues in their education?
  • How can we implement equity? Challenges of equity.

According to this reference:

  • Ornstein, A. & Levine, D. (2006). Foundations of education. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ( 11, Social class, race and school achievement).

Theme three: Educational Theories to Educational Practices and Principles of Teaching Learning

Write about the pioneer (Pestalozzi) and link his theory to educational practices and principles of teaching/ learning What is the impact of each educational philosophy on curriculum, teaching methodology and evaluation?

  • Can this pioneer contribute to my ideas about teaching and learning and school reforms in the UAE and the construction of my philosophy of education?
  • How did the pioneers develop their ideas about education/ can we use their ideas in constructing my own philosophy of education?
  • How did the education theories redefine knowledge, education, schooling, teaching and learning and the purpose of education? Have their ideas caused me to redefine my ideas about these areas?
  • Which ideas or practices from the pioneers are present in today’s teaching and learning? Are these ideas present in preservice teacher preparation and in classroom practice?
  • How can I relate the pioneers to other mentors-teachers, parents, and peers-who influenced my ideas about what it means to be a teacher?

Progressivism An educational movement that started with Pestalozzi. This movement redirected educational thinking over a century and brought in “New Ideas” in education, where informal educational means were emphasized.

According to this reference:

  • Ornstein, A. & Levine, D. (2006). Foundations of education. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. (4, Pioneers of teaching and learning).


Theme four: Society, Culture &  Change

 Society, Culture and Development in the gulf Region” (Al-Kandari, 2010);

  1. What socio-economic factors have enhanced social changes in the Arabian Gulf Region?
  2. How economic, political and social changes impact and influence in education?
  3. How far and quick do you think social and culture changes can happen in GCC (UAE) countries?
  4. What do GCC countries and especially UAE need to do to improve in national labor market?

According to the reference:

  • Al-Kandari, M. (2010). Human Resources and Development in The Arabian Gulf. Society, Culture and Development in the Gulf Region, (pp. 439-451): Abu Dhabi. The  Emirates  centre for Strategic  Studies and Research .
  • Berk, L. (2006). Child Development. U.S.A: Pearson. ( ch.11, Self and social understanding)

Theme five:  “Too pretty to do math” Young women in movement and pedagogical challenges” & “The Other face of Development.”   Write the following and provide evidence:

  • The effect   of gender based pedagogy, its impact on development and relates this to current challenges that may exist in the Arab region and UAE specifically.
  • Challenges facing education and development in the Arab region.
  • In your opinion how can we create an egalitarian multicultural education to overcome gender – based education and pedagogy? How does it take place in evaluation, curriculum and pedagogy?

According to the reference:

  • Asamen, J.K., Ellis, M. & Berry, G. (2008).  Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media. London and Singapore:  (ch.6, by  Graves, D. &  Graves, S., Multicultural issues in the lives of developing children in the 21st century).
  • Graff, U. (2013). Too pretty to do math! Young women in movement and pedagogical challenges. Pedagogy, Culture &  Society 21(1): 57-73.
  • Lootah, H. (2010). Human Resources and Development in The  Arabian  Abu Dhabi. The Emirates Centre for Strategic  Studies and Research. (ch. 19, pp 429-437, The other face of Development.

Theme six: Industrialization, Globalization and Its Implications on Education

  1. Where does the dynamics of industrialization and globalization leave localization?
  2. How did globalization impact teacher education?
  3. What features in the Arab world need to be considered for better education reforms in light of the dynamics of changes in the region?
  4. Where does the dynamics of industrialization and globalization leave humanities, cultural studies at schools and higher education systems?
  • What trends have emerged due to globalization? Did this lead to any concerns that you need to address as an educator? Important reference ((Torres, C. A. (2009). Globalizations and Education. (ch.3, Democracy, education and multiculturalism:  Dilemmas of citizenship in a global world).Cross-cultural studies of educational systems in the context of global exchange and cultural diversity; Media, technology and learning)).

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