Healthcare Ethics

HLSC220: Healthcare Ethics ASSESSMENT INFORMATION Assessment Title Argumentative essay The purpose of this assessment is for students to demonstrate the capacity to develop an ethical argument/s based around the four bio-ethical principles: autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence. Students will use their Purpose chosen topic to develop a sound ethical argument. th Due Date Tuesday 7 September, 2021 Time Due 0900hrs (09:00am) Weighting 50% Length 1500 words +/- 10% (includes intext citations, excludes reference list) Assessment Rubric Refer to Extended Unit Outline Appendix A LOs Assessed LO1, LO2 Three topics will be available for you on LEO. You will select one of these topics and construct an argumentative essay. You are encouraged to choose a topic Task that you feel is important to you and that you feel passionate about. Target Audience Healthcare professionals Submission Via the Turnitin link in the HLSC220 LEO site FORMATTING File format Please submit as a .doc or .docx (not .pdf files) Margins 2.54cm, all sides Font and size Use 11-point Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman Spacing Double spacing Paragraph Aligned to left margin, indent first line of each paragraph 1.27cm Title Page Not to be used Level 1 Heading Centered, bold, capitalize each word (14-point Calibri or Arial) Level 2 Headings Not to be used Introduction: Provides an introduction and brief background to the topic and ethical discussion, identifies the ethical stance to be argued. Body: Provides the content of the ethical arguments incorporating the bioethical principles and relevant ethical theories and concepts. Conclusion: identifies the key ethical points argued and re-iterates the ethical stance taken. Does not introduce new ideas. Structure Reference List: Includes all the sources identified within the essay. Always require page number.

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