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Health Care Privacy, Information Technology Management, and Security Issues

Textbook: Fremgen, B. F. (2014). Medical law and ethics (5th e.d). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Instructions: Please ensure to substantiate your response with scholarly sources and also a personal account of your own experience in the work place. Cite and reference work! Must be 150 to 175 word count.


1. Read Chapter 7 and discuss what you found the least interesting. See Chapter 7 attached.


2. For chapter 7, discuss your thoughts on ‘Disclosure to Patients of Health Workers’ HIV Status’

3. Read chapter 9, discuss in 150 words your thoughts on The Case of Anesha and the lost Medical Records. Also point out something else you disagree or strongly agree in 150 words on this chapter. See Chapter 9 attached

4. Read Chapter 10 and discuss what your thoughts on the comment below, explain why you agree with it or disagree. See Chapter 10 attached

Kwan: Release of medical records- A part of this chapter describes how medical information can be released. I’m pretty sure all health care organizations have different policies of how they send information and what they can send. I work at a larger company and we cannot send any medical information through email, only nonclinical information such as procedure prep notes, bills, and appointment reminders. We have a medical records department where patients have to sign a release in order to have their records sent out to other parties. The chapter also states that information should be kept at a minimal necessary standard which means it should only pertain to information needed for it’s purpose. For example, if a patient was referred to an orthopedic surgeon for knee surgery the surgeon does not need to see his behavioral health notes. Same with a patient. If they are requesting lab results, they do not need their entire medical history. It just creates a bigger chance to lose or misplace paper records or be irresponsible with electronic records.


5. Read Chapter 11 and discuss what you found the least interesting. See Chapter 11 attached.


6. Read Chapter 12 and discuss the ethical considerations relating to artificial insemination and discuss the ethical considerations relating to surrogate motherhood and contraception. See Chapter 12 attached.


7. Read the Health Information Privacy page on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website.


8. Read the Meaningful Consent Overview page on the HealthIT.gov website.



9. Health Care Professional Liability: Can you be liable as a health care professional if you or your staff lose a patient’s medical record?

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