Health Behaviour

HBS110 Health Behaviour Assessment Task 2: Health behaviour journal 2 INSTRUCTIONS: The HBS110 team has prepared this AT2 template for your benefit. To complete your assessment, please enter your responses to each question in the spaces provided. You may adjust the spacing between questions to meet your requirements (i.e., delete extra spaces between paragraphs as required). Again, please leave the questions in the template for marking purposes. Just remember that AT2 is a continuation of AT1 so please make sure you are using the same health behaviour (1500 words maximum). Part A Video Questions: Health behaviour change progress NOTE: Do not type your Part A responses anywhere on this template. You are to only provide your Part A responses verbally in the 2-minute video In this video, please briefly describe the following: Your weekly achievements related to your SMART goal (e.g., how many times you met your goal in the past week). Reflect on whether you need/want to change your goal to make it more/less challenging OR whether you are happy to continue as is, One BEST barrier you experienced in the previous week and the strategy/ies used to overcome them, One potential BEST barrier that may arise in the coming week(s), and relevant strategy/ies, How you thought and felt about your health behaviour (see question 6 for examples), and How your experiences link with at least two (2) key concepts discussed in the seminars, classes, or the textbook. Please copy and paste your Deakin Air video link is the space provided below: Part B Written Questions: Overview of your health behaviour change Write your SMART goal(s) statement (modification can be made where needed). Your goal(s) should fulfil all of the SMART criteria (Specific Measurable Action-oriented Realistic Time-based). Provide a statement as to why this goal is realistic to you. As discussed in the stress seminar, our stressors can impact on our behaviour change and SMART goals.

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