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Processing Assignment

A eulogy is a speech or written work that praises a person or thing, especially a deceased person.

Decide which empire in this lesson you think was the most impressive.  Create a eulogy praising the empire.

Your eulogy must:

  • contain references to how each of the five types of factors (military, cultural, political, economic, and social) helped the empire rise and thrive.
  • sorrowfully explain two reasons why the empire declined
  • include at least one illustration and other appropriate decorative touches.
  • contain correct spelling and grammar.

Honors Assignment

Exploring the Essential Question: How did approaches to cultural interaction shape empires in Eurasia?

The way empires responded to outside powers affected their rise and decline.  Some empires decided to embrace outside ideas and cultures.  Others tried to isolate themselves from foreign influences.

Suppose you are an adviser to an emperor.  The emperor is trying to decide whether to focus his attention on contact with other cultures or to look inward and increase his country’s isolation.  Write a letter to the emperor in which you examine the pros and cons of each position and decide what to advise him.

Use what you have learned from the lesson to:

  • write a short paragraph citing at least one specific historical example when contact with the outside world has benefited an empire or isolation has harmed it.
  • write a short paragraph citing at least one specific example when isolation has benefited an empire or when contact with the outside world has hurt it.
  • write a conclusion telling the emperor what you think he should do and why

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