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The report consists of two parts: 1. Long Term Vision Destination Zambia and 2. Justification of Long Term Vision. Both parts will be elaborated below.

Part 1: Long Term Vision Zambia

On a maximum of 2A4, describe your Long Term Vision (LTV) for the destination Zambia, which answers the following question: “How would you envision Zambia as tourism destination by 2027”?

Topics to be integrated within your vision are tourism policy objectives (inclusive of smart objectives on visitors; type of visitors, origin, type and duration of stay, expenditure, activities, etc.), core qualities of Zambia, source markets, target markets and target groups, tourism supply for both markets and groups, destination image and destination competitiveness. All these topics will be elaborated during the classes.

Also, enclose a visualisation of your LTV on a map of the destination. This visualisation has to be a complete (so all the topics) picture of your LTV and should answer the question mentioned above. (The visualisation can be used for examination 3 and doesn’t belong to the maximum of 2A4.)

Note: Make sure you will talk about all regions within Zambia and not just certain parts of Zambia.

Part 2: Justification of Long Term Vision

Justify your Long Term Vision by
a. Using the results of your destination analysis;
b. Motivating the choices in your LTV.

2a. Based on the results of the destination analysis

1. Integrate at least the following items when justifying your LTV with the results of the destination analysis:
o Internal analysis: The DNA of the destination, the current tourism policy of the destination, sustainable development and CSR of the destination, current source markets, current target markets, today’s current and desired image of Zambia as a tourism destination
o External analysis: Trends and Developments, which are of influence for the touristic development of the destination and destination competitiveness of the destination.
2. Based on the internal and external analysis draw conclusions on DNA, Policy, Market (developments);
3. Compose a SWOT Confrontation Matrix and indicate the directions for your LTV derived from the results of the SWOT Confrontation Matrix.

2b: Motivation of your choices

Integrate at least the following items in your motivation:
1. How your LTV is able to support the mentioned Tourism & Leisure objectives;
2. How your LTV fits the policy framework of the Ministry of T&A;
3. How the LTV contributes towards a sustainable development of Zambia as a tourism destination;
4. How do the elements of your LTV complement each other which in turn would be of added value for your LTV

Prerequisites of the report:
When writing the report, at least use the following sources:
• 3 Theory books of your own choice;
• 2 other relevant websites of your own choice;
• 4 relevant articles from journals of your own choice.

Contentwise, the report also:
– contains facts and figures;
– contains at least 4 theoretical models discussed during classes, which needs to be integrated within the report;
– needs to be written according to the Saxion writing style (Lucida Sans Unicode, 9 pts);
– consists of a maximum of 16 pages, including visualisation and appendices. This does not include front page, title page, preface, the table of contents and reference list.

– This report will be part of the QuickScan Procedure. This means that your report will be assessed on the following items:
o Spelling and Grammar: Maximum of 6 mistakes on a random sample of 3 pages
o APA Style: Maximum of 2 mistakes in in-text referencing and 2 mistakes in bibliography
o Reporting Guidelines HBS. For this report the following elements are applicable:
? Front Page
? Title Page
? Preface
? Table of Contents
? Introduction
? Main Part (part 1 & part 2 in the examination instructions)
? Bibliography
? Appendix

In case of failing the QuickScan, you will receive a 1 for the examination.

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