Draw a class diagram corresponding to the following situations

Draw a class diagram corresponding to the following situations

(a) An organization has three categories of employee: professional staff, technical staff and support staff. The organization also has departments and divisions. Each employee belongs to either a department or a division Assume that people will never need to change from one category to another.

(b) A grocery store has some items sold by weight, and some per unit. Some items are taxable, while others are not. Some items have special prices when sold in groups (e.g. 3 for $2). Finally, some items have special prices if you have certain ‘membership cards’. There could be several different membership prices on the same item, but you can only use one membership card per purchase.

(c) A media player that can handle sound, images and sequences of images. Each type of media requires a ‘plugin’, although some plugins can handle more than one type of media.

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Description of the how the software selection criteria (and which ones) were chosen for your company

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Describe how the Web site can be redesigned or revised to achieve better results.

you will complete several steps for this assignment. Step 1: You will become familiar with an assessment tool (Wave Checker) to examine Web accessibility for a couple Web sites. This is….