Do these results suggest that sales are better after the change in product placement?

Product placement. The owner of a small organic food store was concerned about her sales of a specialty yogurt manufactured in Greece. As a result of increasing fuel costs, she recently had to increase its price. To help boost sales, she decided to place the product on a different shelf (near eye level for most consumers) and in a location near other popular international products. She kept track of sales (number of containers sold per week) for six months after she made the change. The values are shown below, along with the sales numbers for the six months prior to making the change, in stem-and-leaf displays.

Do these results suggest that sales are better after the change in product placement? Test an appropriate hypothesis and state your conclusion. Be sure to check assumptions and conditions.

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If a student receives a 92 on test 1, an 85 on test 2, a 95 on test 3, a 92 on the homework, a 55 on the project, and an 83 on the final, what grade did the student earn in the class?

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What may be inference from such a situation?

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