do police officers have negative attitudes towards gay domestic violence while on the job?

1. Research question
2. Hypotheses-2 research and 1 null
3. Independent Varibables-operationalized and level of measurement indicated (must have at least 5 IV)
4. Dependent Variables-operationalized and level of measurement indicted.
5. Sampling Design-Which one is appropriate given your hypotheses.
6. Research Design-which one is appropriate given your hypotheses.
7. Previours Research-discuss at least 3 previous refereed journal articles that have examined something similar to your research question/hypotheses.

The above should be in separate setions with heading (i.e. research question, hypotheses, Independent variables, dependent variables, sampling design, research design, previous reesearch).

Also, you must have a bibliography of your 3 journal articles in APA format.

Each part of your proposal must be written in sentence and paragraph format.

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